Bluegrass Distillers
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Who We Are



Our team takes pride in the ability to complete every step of the process from mashing ingredients, fermenting, distilling in our 250 gallon copper pot still, aging and even labeling in our little distillery all by the hands of our dedicated team.


Sam Rock

Sam Rock grew up in Woodford County, Kentucky, attended Washington & Lee University, in Virginia, and the University of Kentucky College of Law.  Sam is a practicing lawyer and also sells and builds houses and other investment property, as well as being one of the founders of Bluegrass Distillers.  Sam’s initial fascination with the bourbon industry and history grew out of his childhood in Woodford County in which there were no operating distilleries, only distillery ruins.  He believes a bourbon is about the hard work and dedication of the team that makes the bourbon. While packaging is important, the team’s dedication and will to distill are the heart of the spirit.  


Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown was born in Arizona and grew up in Barcelona, Spain before moving to central Kentucky for college and graduate school. He has been an entrepreneur for the past 17 years owning several businesses including founding Bluegrass Distillers in 2012. He is most excited about being a part of a team that is passionate about making a unique and handmade craft product that honors the proud history and tradition of Kentucky Bourbon. His interests include sports, outdoor activities, travel, and spending time with friends and family; wife Katy and children Oliver and Stella.


Kee Pyles

Kee Pyles is a Lexington, Kentucky native who discovered his love of brewing and distilling a few years ago. After working for another distillery, he realized he wanted the integrity and pride of craft bourbon which he has rule over. As the Head Distiller, he develops the mash, oversees the fermentation, controls the distillation, fills the barrels, and labels the bottles. The growth of the craft bourbon industry and Bluegrass Distillers motivates him to create the best.


Maggie Young

Maggie is a 2018 graduate of University of Kentucky, with a degree in Marketing and Management. Originally from Louisville, KY, Maggie enjoys cheering on her Louisville Cardinals, weekend trips (when possible), and trying new restaurants and breweries.


Nathan Svec

Nathan Svec is Lexington-born and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in History at Berea College.  Working at Bluegrass Distillers as a Tour Guide and Sales Associate has allowed him an opportunity to work with the history of craft bourbon in an environment in which he can learn more each day. He is currently a Specialist in the Kentucky National Guard and finds delight in hiking or enjoying a ride on his motorcycle on any one of Kentucky's beautiful back-roads in his spare time.